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About Fareight Consulting Group

Fareight Consulting Group, which belongs to Fareight Consulting Group (Tianjin) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., is originated from the MIC(Managment innovation centre) that established by Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd of Toyota in 1991 in Japan. It is an international consulting organization that practices the original Toyota Production System (TPS) in a real sense. As a leader of talent training in Toyota way, its vision is “becoming the most trusted lifelong partner in the world’s manufacturing industry”, it sticks to the positive output of Toyota Production System in China and Southeast Asian countries.

With the urgent need for Toyota production system for the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, at present, there is a unique training Dojo for “talents and wealth” being built in Tianjin, Chongqing and Suzhou. It adheres to the great mission of “training talents and wealth team for Chinese manufacturing industry with the most professional knowledge, and helping China’s manufacturing industry to achieve the maximum profit”, to provide companies with “talents and wealth” support that fits in their own sustainable development.

Fareight has always been paying attention to the land practice of Toyota production system in China’s local enterprises remained unchanged, establishing their own unique “talents and wealth” training system. Fareight’s advisory teams are from the Toyota Department or the world’s top 500 companies, which has the on-site management experience for years, successfully achieving the landing and continuous promotion of Toyota production system in the enterprise. It had achieved remarkable success in many ways, including the studying and training at Toyota’s Dojo in Japan, practice training of local Dojo, deep consulting and lean Dojo, deep implantation with multidimensional transformation model and in the process of guiding many local and world famous enterprises.

Let the theory return to the scene and make the scene validate theory! Fareight Consulting Group has accumulated sediment in the years of practical guidance. It has always been taking “talents and wealth” training as a strategic guideline, and witnessing many partners to become industry leaders in the practice of Toyota production system. Fareight Consulting Group will become “a clear stream” in lean management consulting industry. By adhering to the “improving the soul” way, it shall improve the transformation and promotion of China’s manufacturing!

CEO’s words

It is our dream and choice to “abandon all empty and exaggerated words, and help company to train ‘talents and wealth’, and achieve the maximize profits of company.”

My team and I have always been proud of our choice.

We not only pursue the strongest consulting technical , but also the best service. Depending on the long term cooperation, we can grow together with our customers, so that customers can become outstanding leaders of industry, and become a classic project case, which is far more than simply pursuing the accumulation of the number of projects.

We firmly believe that Fareight shall help the enterprise with Fareight teams’ many years of project experience, which is more meaningful than the marketing management popularity that lacks connotation.

Finally, thank you for your consistent trust and support. I would like to express my sincere thanks and best wishes for that. We are willing to join hands with the vast number of friends in the business community to establish win-win cooperation and create brilliant in the future!

Professional team

Only one in China

Fareight Consulting Group is the only professional consulting company that spreads the Toyota management model to the world, which also works together with Toyota in Japan. Over the years, as an international consultancy agency, we have studied how to make Toyota’s lean management model integrate with Chinese local culture for many years, and also introduce it into Greater China;

Rich experience

More than 1000 enterprises have been served, and the customer satisfaction exceeds 98%; the serviced enterprises cover more than 10 countries; more than 20 industries have maintained the long-term consulting business cooperation with many large group enterprises and achieved good results.

Professional team

Excellent quality, multiple consultation project experience, and mature consultant teams; complete and systematic methods and consultation tools;

Pragmatic concept

Toyota-style project management, know enterprises in deep. have the strong sense of responsibility, customize solutions for the needs of enterprises, and solve practical problems of enterprises, and cultivate a large number of replicable “talents and wealth” for enterprises in the end;

Value promotion

Emphasize to mobilize the participation of all customers, emphasize to transfer knowledge and improve the recognition, so that the consulting results can be effectively implemented; distinctive implementation methods and lifelong after-sales tracking services shall ensure the perfect realization of customer value;

Long-term cooperation

We are the reliable long-term strategic cooperation partner because we have the unchanged core team for decades and decades of dedicated service.