Customize dojo

Customize Dojo—lean Dojo® deep implantation

Fareight Consulting Group helped enterprises to build “talents and wealth” training core that belongs to enterprise itself, create the self-hematopoietic function of their own. Combining with the rich experience of dozens of TPS promotion experts in Toyota Production Investigation Office in Japan, try its best to build a “talents and wealth” training system of management practice with Chinese localization. Through the batch cultivation of “talents and wealth”, make enterprise truly realizing the new ecological organization of self-improvement, self-consultation.

What is the lean Dojo of Fareight Consulting Group?

Comprehensively cover enterprises in primary, juni

What problems can the lean Dojo of Fareight Consulting Group solve?

What is the significance of establishing the lean

Establish a lean “talents and wealth” training center that fits in the needs of the enterprise:
When different companies face the same problem of “talents and wealth” cultivation, because of the differences in the enterprise industry, region, scale and enterprise culture, the universal teaching content and methods can no longer meet the characteristic needs of enterprises. The enterprise lean practice center will build you a lean center that meets the enterprise’s own needs according to the enterprise’s industry attributes and specific needs.
The company should establish a universal, long-term and sustainable “talents and wealth” center:
The competition in the economic era under the market-oriented trend is the competition of the overall quality level of the enterprise team. The establishment of enterprise learning organization, the popularization of team education and the repeated upgrading education of middle and senior managers’ skills will be realized, so that the “talents and wealth” training of the enterprise can keep pace with the times. Fareight Consulting Group has the original complete teaching system of the primary, junior and senior production managers of Toyota group. Relying on Lean Dojo, Fareight helps company to build a team of consultants within the enterprise and achieve the sustainable implementation of company talent.
Low cost practice teaching--- “Returns theory to the scene”:

For large-scale company, a large number of teams go out to study will not only affect the production of enterprises in terms of time arrangement, but also waste a lot of moving time in the process of study. For such behavior that does not create value and pays for it, it will bring immeasurable hidden costs to the enterprise. The traditional teaching method of Lecture-style teaching has already revealed the shortage of trainees’ transformation practice after training. For the teaching of the production system, enterprises need more perceptive learning that can combine theory with practice. It is urgent to establish a high-practice Lean Dojo center within the enterprise to meet its own needs.