Yoshi Juku

The origin of YOSHINAGA JYUKU:

YOSHINAGA JYUKU is a public welfare learning organization established by Yoshinaga Masamitsu to spread and develop TPS in the worldwide. In September 2016, with the aim of teaching orthodox TPS ideas and cultivating practical “talents and wealth”, it was jointly established by Mr. Yoshinaga, Lean Jishuken Association and Fareight Consulting Group, while the Lean Jishuken Association is responsible for recruiting students in China, and Fareight Consulting Group is responsible for assisting in daily operations.
Since the establishment of YOSHINAGA JYUKU, a total of 25 students have been trained and registered, distributed throughout the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and North China.
YOSHINAGA JYUKU’s Philosophy of Action: Those without wisdom sweat, those without sweat wisdom, those without both, please leave quietly!
YOSHINAGA JYUKU TPS new explain: T: Time (do it now). P: Practice (practice makes progress). S: Self-trust (we can achieve it).
The mission of YOSHINAGA JYUKU:
The mission of YOSHINAGA JYUKU: Spreading authentic TPS ideas Cultivating practical TPS talents Helping students to serve the motherland
Values: Keep dreaming Persistent pursuit Unaffected and sincere Be a doer and serve the country
Admonition for trainees:
Admonition for trainees: Do not lie or unreasonable at any time Do not trouble others at any time Do not have too much desire Learn to abandon yourself on any occasion What you learn needs to be fulfilled Do simple things to the best It makes no sense to improve your education and learn knowledge without sharing it with others Others can do your job, too, and you were just lucky enough to be selected, so you can’t take pride in your accomplishments as personal talents