吉永 雅文
Yoshinaga Masafumi

Toyota (Japan) Room of production investigation Overseas support experts
Fareight Consulting Group Chief instructor
Fareight—Lean Dojo Headmasters

Work experience:

Mr. YOSHINAGA joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1967 and was assigned to the Takaoka plant in Toyota (Japan) where he worked for more than 40 years. He is a training expert of Toyota TPS, TPS promotion expert group member, Toyota motor technical center (TTCC) expert!

Since 1985, he has promoted and instructed TPS in Toyota’s overseas factories all the time. He has been responsible for supporting Turkey, South Africa , China and other new factories to build TPS system. In 2007, he was transferred to Toyota (Japan) Production Investigation Office and provided TPS guidance to all Toyota Group’s vehicle factories and suppliers.

He is the main platform builder of TOYOTA’s JISHUKEN event outside Japan and TPS dojo building. He made an outstanding contribution for spreading and implemention of TPS. Throughout his life, he adheres to practice TPS, he is also the main witness and builder of TPS in the global factory development. He is one of the few active TPS experts in Japan and he was taught by Taiichi Ohno.

Served enterprise:

So far, Mr. YOSHINAGA worked mainly in Takaoka factory of Toyota in Japan, and he has guided the TPS building of Toyota affiliated companies at home and abroad in a long time, including Toyota Industries ,Kanto Transportation, Toyota Boshoku,Toyota Iron works,Tokairika,Toyota Auto body,Pacific industrial,Hino Motors, FUTABA,Central Automotive product(ets)and Toyota Turkish plant, South African plant, American plant, British plant, Chinese plant and dozens of suppliers of Toyota.