The wisdom of Dojo

The wisdom of Dojo

The “Made in China” which relies on cheap labor to obtain small profits has come to an end; and it has become the theme of today’s enterprises that how to survive among others. Under such a winter-like circumstance, the focus of industry competition is not on factory buildings, equipment, or hardware which can be reached by each and every competitors, but on how to transfer employees into the hardware of enterprises’ “winter period”. Manufacturing is transformed into true manufacture of wisdom
Resorting to the rich experiences and relying on the pragmatic concept, a core team that remained unchanged for more than ten years as well as the dedicated services for decades, Fareight has helped enterprises to improve their management level, and provided enterprises with comprehensive solutions for sustainable profits at the meantime, all this made Fareight a long-term strategic cooperation partner trusted by many enterprises. So far, Fareightsaved the costs of more than 10 billion Yuan for the cooperation partners directly.


Seek the Toyota Way- study and train at Toyota’s Dojo in Japan

Visit and learn the real zero-distance sense of factory, and experience the on-site condition under advanced manufacturing concept management. Compare yourself, and find the solution.

Training based on Dojo- practical training of local Dojo

The original Toyota training center of Dojo let you consolidate the understanding and mastery of knowledge through actual combating, brings the on-the-spot problems for research and train, thus realize the landing of training results.

Couching based on Genba—In-depth consulting for improvement

Combined with the current situation of corporate culture, the joined team of Chinese and Japanese experts help enterprises design suitable management system which only belongs to them.

Customize dojo—Lean Dojo and deep implantation

Being based on the enterprise, relying on rich practices and hardware experiences, Fareight shall tailored its “talents and wealth” training center to help enterprises achieve self-improvement and self-consulting hematopoietic system.