Train Dojo

Train Dojo-- Practice training of local Dojo

Train Dojo-Lean Dojo®’s definition of practical training camp: Fareight Consulting Group began to promote the original Toyota “lean Dojo---actual combat training camp” in 2011 in order to enhance the ability of production managers and promote the lean road more effectively. The company registered its trade mark of “lean Dojo” in 2014, and the company was determined to turn lean Dojo into the production management personnel of the Whampoa Military Academy.
Lean Dojo’s actual combat comes from management practice of the top dozens TPS promotion experts of Toyota-MIC and is originated in Toyota of Japan. Lean Dojo actual combat recreates Toyota’s “talents and wealth” development system through a panoramic view, so that trainees can personally “gain” the management philosophy of the world’s top manufacturing industry. With 40% of the theoretical knowledge to study, 60% of the Dojo to train, the rigorous classroom link design returns the theory to the scene, and enables trainees to learn and apply the knowledge more effectively, so as to help enterprises to achieve better cost-reducing and efficiency-increasing.


System diagram of “talents and wealth” training of Toyota