Pave the way

Pave the way—In-depth consulting for improvement

The definition of deep improvement of consultation: the world top 500 enterprises have introduced the lean production to expand themselves to adapt to the market. Develop the company in China through “wade across the stream by feeling the way”, when it really wants to do it, it often has no way to start, that is to say, “Lose the way”. If it has not any lean foundation as a foreshadowing, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the road of intelligent manufacturing will become a story.
Now, we need the teacher who proselytizes instructs dispels doubt so that he can helps enterprises in the initial stage of TPS to clarify the gap of the lean level between their operations and the world’s factories. We use the most professional consultant team to help enterprises introduce the most original TPS. It is the most important to work hand in hand with the enterprises to develop together. Then we will build a way of management by the feature of industry and ourselves, which shall be called the “couching based on Genba”.

The contents that need to be improved and consulted